Legion of Honor
Intelligence is the Key to Victory

Humans are set apart from the animals because of one factor—intelligence. At Legion of Honor, we embrace this value along with maturity and respect, forming the ultimate community of casual gamers.

Tag: =LH= Full LH member; =LH-b= LH beta member
Games: Star Wars Battlefront II, Combat Arms, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

What's =LH= about, and what do they do?

Legion of Honor is all about forming a community of gamers who are mature and respect each other. Intelligence is crucial to the clan; we use it as our weapon instead of barbarism. We analyze tactics and strategies in order to improve our performance. Currently we have a database of general battle tactics as well as forum topics outlining strategies for nearly all of the Battlefront maps.

How do I join?

Register on the forums where the action is and fill out our application. LH is not an intense clan and it won’t take over your life. We're simply a group of good friends that works towards mutual benefit.

Rankings and Order in the Legion

The leaders of the clan will be chosen based on maturity, responsibility, and intelligence. Inside of the gaming divisions, however, there is a ladder of skill that decides who gets to be on the competition team. The clan ranks are as follows:

  • Clan Leader – keeps the clan together and people motivated; manages forums, sites, etc.
  • Division Leader – has the most control over what goes on with specific games (i.e. matches + team formation/management).
  • Team Leader – is responsible for leading the team to success on the battlefield
  • Team Member – a part of a division team
  • Clan Member – simply a member of the clan

More information on ranks is available on our forums.


8-4-09 More updates
6-4-09 Did some much needed updates.
5-3-08 Touched up and ready to go!
9-7-07 Site and forums are up! Forums need some work on the CSS though, but they work.
9-6-07 Building site and foundations of the clan.